Wired 2 Vehicle GPS Tracker


  1. Customizable geofencing and safe zones.
  2. Accurate GPS tracking and alerts.
  3. Reliable notifications to your cell phone or mobile device.
  4. Battery life that lasts long enough for a day-long romp.
  5. Waterproof ratings for pets that love to swim.



Never lose your Assets again

  • Real-time Location: Real-time location and address and Speed update available in different types of the map view.
  • Anti-theft Alarm: Instant notification on your mobile app if someone tries to steal your vehicle or try to temper with GPS Tracker.
  • Hidden Installation: Very small hardware of only 26g weight can be installed at a hidden location in any vehicle. Connect its (+) & (-) wire to the battery terminal and it is ready to track your vehicle. Technical Installation support over call will be provided.
  • Google Map: We are using the Original Google map in our application.
  • Powerful Servers: Our application is powered by world Class AWS Servers which ensure instant delivery of anti-theft alerts.
  • Free API Access: We provide free api access on our platform for your custom needs.


Small. Strong. Easy to use.

100% waterproof and shock resistant. Battery life up to 7 days. Unlimited range. Pet-friendly, lightweight design. PinPoints GPS trackers are built for four-legged comfort, safety… and adventure!

Additional information

Weight .10 kg
Dimensions 3 × 2 × 3 cm


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