Wireless Magnetic GPS Tracker For Car, JCB, Haiva & Commercial Vehicle


  • Package : GPS tracking unit (Compatible with all types of vehicle (Key or Keyless both) ) with connecting wire with 12 months sim card data + Android + iOS app
  • Anti theft alarm – Get notified in case of theft by alarm notification. (if ignition is turned on or vehicle is moved via towing or pushing)
  • Live GPS tracking plus Travel history data – Highly sensitive GPS chip which sends vehicle’s accurate location to our cloud servers and you can watch your vehicle’s live location plus full day driving history on our user-friendly mobile app.
  • Anti theft alarm and remote engine off – Get notified in case of theft by alarm notification. (if ignition is turned on or vehicle is moved via towing or pushing).
  • Set Geo-fences and over speed limits – Define safe zones on a map and get alerts when a vehicle enters/exits those zones.
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Unique Features:


  • Google Map: We are using the Original Google map in our application.
  • Powerful Servers: Our application is powered by world Class AWS Servers which ensure instant delivery of anti-theft alerts.
  • Free API Access: We provide free api access on our platform for your custom needs.


Key Benefits:


  • Real-time Location: Real-time location and address and Speed update available in different types of the map view.
  • Anti-theft Alarm: Instant notification on your mobile app if someone tries to steal your vehicle or try to temper with GPS Tracker.
  • Driving History & Behaviour: You can see which routes the vehicle has taken in full-day along with the stoppages taken. You can select any date. See the address and time of existence of the vehicle at every place it visited.
  • Geo-Fencing: Mark your home or office location and get an instant push notification on your mobile app whenever your vehicle goes outside of the fence or comes inside.
  • Share Location: Share vehicle live location link with any of your contact for a preset duration
  • Daily Stats: Our amazing dashboard will give you all the daily stats like night driving, daily km count, fleet workload, total run time, idle time, etc details so that you see them on daily basis.
  • Compatibility: works best with Car, Bus, Bikes, Truck, Scooty, JCB, or any other vehicle that has a battery in it.
  • Sim Data: The product will come with included sim card and the customer needs to recharge it with a valid data pack. Sim no. will be provided so that you can recharge it easily. (No ID Proof required for sim activation)
  • Hidden Installation: Very small hardware of only 26g weight can be installed at a hidden location in any vehicle. Connect its (+) & (-) wire to the battery terminal and it is ready to track your vehicle. Technical Installation support over call will be provided.
  • Subscription: 1 Year application subscription is included in plan. After one year you can renew subscription at Rs 599/year (Exclusive GST)
Fuel Waste Manager

  • Display total ltr of fuel wasted.
  • Help to save fuel by report analysis
  • Calculate vehicle idling time.
Anti Theft Alerts

  • The anti-theft mode gives instant warning on the phone screen.
  • Syren buzzer even when the app is not running.
  • Notifies you and give the live location of the vehicle in case of theft.
Track All vehicle at Single Screen

  • Add all your vehicle in a Single app.
  • See all the vehicles at once.
  • Has the option to track all vehicles individually as well.


Additional information

Weight .10 kg
Dimensions 3 × 2 × 3 cm


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