Solar Pet Activity & GPS Tracker

The smartest real-time GPS tracker made using trailblazing technology, to keep your precious ones safe and secure when they are away from you.

The smartest real-time GPS tracker made using trailblazing technology, to keep your precious ones safe and secure when they are away from you.


Solar GPS Tracker

Pet Solar Rechargeble Wireless GPS Tracker

We have a strict production process and a professional quality control team to avoid any quality problems. All goods will be 100% inspected before leaving the factory.

PinPoInts Solar GPS Tracker For Pets, Dog, Birds

Why Choose Us?

  • The two-way notification function will let you track lost pets or be notified when they are out of range with a ring or flash.


  • Engineered with waterproof cases that go anywhere with your pet, even swimming.


  • Designed with compact size, lightweight and easy to carry like accessories on your pet's collar.


  • Our tracker has the longest-lasting battery of its kind and can last up to 7 days. Full recharge only takes 2 hours.

Best Build Quality

Our pets GPS tracker uses advanced GPS and cellular technology to pinpoint your pet's real-time location anywhere from your mobile.

Funny happy beagle dog walking, playing in morning park.

Pets GPS Tracker & Activity Monitor

The PinPoints GPS Tracker offers you unlimited peace of mind knowing where your pet is at all time of the day.

PinPoints is a multifunctional device that allows you to track the location of all your loved ones instantly. 



  • Fast escape alerts
  • Attaches to your pet's existing collar
  • Tracks activity, sleep, and calories
  • In-app activity leaderboards