Farm Equipment Tracking Device

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tracking your farm equipment help you to improve your agribusiness, you can track your daily travel distance, fuel, and start/stop duration, and it gives maintenance reminder, a voice monitoring system, travel history backup of 90 days

Using GPS technology to modernise the agricultural industry

Due to the huge quantity of acreage used for farming, it can be challenging to keep track of expensive agricultural machinery and vehicles. Locating cars and equipment is made easier by GPS tracking devices and fleet management systems.
GPS tracking also provides real-time location information for field personnel, which can facilitate communication and decision-making.
With your equipment being monitored in real-time, less supervision is needed, allowing for the management of greater regions with fewer labour and a reduction in seasonal labour expenses.
Geofencing and farm GPS tracking can considerably lessen this. Not only will you always be aware of the whereabouts of your valuables, but if one is taken, law enforcement can follow the GPS monitoring.

What are the Different GPS Applications in Agriculture?

Exact Planning: GPS is useful for planning the planting of a particular crop. Each seed requires a variable spacing and depth depending on the kind of soil. When using GPS, it is rather simple to determine the ideal spacing and depth for a certain seed to provide the highest yields.
Harvesting When deciding which parts of a farm are ready for harvesting and how harvesting will be done, GPS is essential in agriculture. The GPS will also calculate the estimated returns and the size of the area being harvested.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the Various Applications of GPS in Agriculture?

In general, the accuracy of GPS readings can range from 100 metres to 1 cm. Of course, when it comes to agriculture, the most precise GPS available yields the greatest results.

Precision planting, precise mapping of field boundaries, roadways, and irrigation systems, as well as targeted application of fertilizer and pesticides are all tasks that farmers perform with GPS. Additionally, GPS enables farmers to labor in low-visibility field circumstances including rain, dust, fog, and darkness.

सामान्य तौर पर, जीपीएस रीडिंग की सटीकता 100 मीटर से 1 सेमी तक हो सकती है। बेशक, जब कृषि की बात आती है, तो उपलब्ध सबसे सटीक जीपीएस सबसे अच्छे परिणाम देता है।

सटीक रोपण, खेत की सीमाओं का सटीक मानचित्रण, सड़क मार्ग और सिंचाई प्रणाली, साथ ही साथ उर्वरक और कीटनाशकों का लक्षित अनुप्रयोग सभी ऐसे कार्य हैं जो किसान जीपीएस के साथ करते हैं। इसके अतिरिक्त, जीपीएस किसानों को बारिश, धूल, कोहरे और अंधेरे सहित कम दृश्यता वाले क्षेत्र की परिस्थितियों में श्रम करने में सक्षम बनाता है।

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