Industries benefits of GPS

GPS tracking for commercial vehicles & construction

Grow Your Business Using Vyncx Commercial 4G GPS Tracking By helping you understand driver behavior in the field, commercial vehicle GPS tracking,
Improve Dispatch: Quickly identify the most practical vehicle and speed your response times.
Boosting Customer Service: Quickly respond to last-minute service requests, and assist more clients daily.
Boost fleet effectiveness: Reduce operational costs by getting rid of inefficient driving habits.
Promote defensive driving: Get instant notifications when someone behaves unsafely.

Using GPS technology to modernise the agricultural industry

Due to the huge quantity of acreage used for farming, it can be challenging to keep track of expensive agricultural machinery and vehicles. Locating cars and equipment is made easier by GPS tracking devices and fleet management systems.
GPS tracking also provides real-time location information for field personnel, which can facilitate communication and decision-making.
With your equipment being monitored in real-time, less supervision is needed, allowing for the management of greater regions with fewer labour and a reduction in seasonal labour expenses.
Geofencing and farm GPS tracking can considerably lessen this. Not only will you always be aware of the whereabouts of your valuables, but if one is taken, law enforcement can follow the GPS monitoring.

GPS Advantages in Mining

control of large equipment like draglines, control of bucket wheels, and control of dozers, drill direction, grading and upkeep of roads, tracking and dispatching systems for haul trucks and other vehicles,
Greater Visibility – Even when employees are buried and concealed from view, keep an eye on them when they are sitting still! Examine your company.
Lone Worker Safety- If there is an emergency, use the SOS module. Send out emergency workers as soon as a mishap happens.
Geofencing: Geofence areas that are susceptible to cave-ins and rock falls Receive notifications when someone enters or leaves the geofenced areas.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the Various Applications of GPS in Agriculture?

The usage of GPS in open-pit and surface mines has increased. Due to the fact that GPS devices cannot obtain direct line-of-site access to subsurface satellites, alternatives like RFID and leaky feeder communication networks are frequently employed.

Company automobiles, fitters’ tools, heavy machinery, crew buses, trucks, courier vans, and stationary at depots can all be equipped with GPS tracking.

By tracking these assets, maintenance, usage, and productivity needs may easily get information on vehicle position and mileage.

 खुले गड्ढे और सतही खदानों में जीपीएस का उपयोग बढ़ गया है। इस तथ्य के कारण कि जीपीएस उपकरण उपसतह उपग्रहों तक सीधी लाइन-ऑफ-साइट पहुंच प्राप्त नहीं कर सकते हैं, आरएफआईडी और लीकी फीडर संचार नेटवर्क जैसे विकल्प अक्सर नियोजित होते हैं।

कंपनी के ऑटोमोबाइल, फिटर के उपकरण, भारी मशीनरी, चालक दल की बसें, ट्रक, कूरियर वैन और डिपो में स्टेशनरी सभी जीपीएस ट्रैकिंग से लैस हो सकते हैं। इन संपत्तियों पर नज़र रखने से, रखरखाव, उपयोग और उत्पादकता की ज़रूरतों को आसानी से वाहन की स्थिति और माइलेज के बारे में जानकारी मिल सकती है।

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