PinPoints Dash Cam

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  • BOTH CAMERAS REAL 1080P HD: Front and cabin cameras both records high 1080p video @ 30fps. WIDE DYNAMIC RANGE allows 140 degree front and 120 degree cabin camera to capture maximum coverage of road.
  • INBUILT WIFI & EXTERNAL GPS: View, save, and share dash cam recordings/Images wirelessly on your mobile device with the use of an app interface. GPS enables you to track location, direction, speed, date and time into video clips, allowing you to track the GPS information on Map
  • PARKING MONITOR: Worried about your car while it’s parked for hours in an obscure parking lot? The parking monitor will keep track of all activity while you are away.
  • MOTION DETECTION: The motion detection feature allows Ambassador to record and save videos automatically even in standby mode.
  • G-SENSOR: In case of a serious collision, the gravity sensor prompts the dash cam to lock the video file immediately.

HIGH DEFINITION 1080P IS RECORDED BY BOTH CAMERAS: The front and cabin cameras both capture high definition 1080p footage at 30 frames per second. 140-degree front and 120-degree cabin cameras can catch the most of the road thanks to wide dynamic range.
Dash cam recordings and photos may be remotely viewed, saved, and shared on your mobile device via an app interface. You may follow GPS data on a map by embedding position, direction, speed, date, and time information into video recordings.
Parking Watch: When your automobile is kept in a hidden parking lot for hours, are you concerned for its safety? While you are away, the parking monitor will monitor every activities.

Even in idle mode, the Ambassador can record and preserve films automatically thanks to the motion detection capability.
The dash cam is instructed by the gravity sensor to lock the video file instantly in the case of a significant accident.


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