pinpoints wireless portable device

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Accident detection: For bicycles and scooters, real-time accident detection sends a live location-tracking emergency call to three contacts.
Get immediate warnings whenever a vehicle’s ignition is turned on or off, moved, or tow away with live tracking using a mobile app.
Fall Detection: The bike or scooter will alert you if it falls when parked.

Instant notice anytime the ignition is turned ON for the engine.

Track Your Rides: View a live 3D feed of your daily commute and keep an eye on your fuel economy, speed alerts, and other factors.

Location Sharing: Let your loved ones know where you are while you travel.

Live Data: With sophisticated and graphical visuals on the app, detailed statistics of a daily ride are provided, including total distance, highest speed, average speed, and a top speed of your bike.

Playback of previous rides allows you to relive such moments or to share them with loved ones.


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