PinPoints OBD 2 GPS tracking device

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Easy Installation for Wireless OBD Tracker: Because this gadget is wireless, installation is hassle-free. Simply put the gadget into the OBD port on your automobile.
Share Live Location: You may choose the time for the live location and you will receive a link to share the location with your friends and family.

No End Geo Fence You may establish an unlimited number of geofences, and every time a vehicle enters or exits a given specified zone, you will receive an immediate alert. Parking Mode keeps your car secure. If anybody attempts to move the car when Parking Mode is ON, a loud buzz will sound on your phone, alerting you that someone is moving the car without your will.
Real-time GPS tracking Even if your automobile is thousands of miles away from you, you can still use our APP Acumen Track to obtain real-time position updates on your phone in a map or satellite view. Highly Sensitive GPS and a cloud server chip allow it to provide you with a precise position of your vehicle every time.

Analytics – With the Acumen GPS device, you will receive daily status reports that include run time, idle time, stoppage time, maximum speed, as well as the number of kilometers, hours, and stops your car has made. These reports will help you analyze your car’s overall usage. From Daily Travel Summary, you can also obtain this information for the last 60 days in both Excel and PDF formats.
Subscription and package – GPS tracker made in India with a 1-year replacement guarantee and the mobile app Acumen Track, Note: The package includes a SIM card, however, it is not active. The customer must purchase a data pack to recharge.


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